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Diving in the Deep End

Post #1

The Molecule Maidens: Episode One ? The Origin of the Maidens

"Hi there, you look hot."

Bridget McWilliams looked down from her perch on the lifeguard stand to see a pretty girl grinning up at her.

"Uh ... Hi ... what did you say?"

"I said you look hot. Would you like a cold drink?"

"Sure, thanks."

"You want soda, water, what?"

"Water's fine."


Bridget watched the girl strut away, her ass wiggling provocatively under a scrap of orange cloth that comprised one fourth of her bikini bathing suit. Her hair, black and shiny, hung down to her waist and swayed with her confident strides. Bridget felt herself getting warm and not from the noonday sun.

Bridget's swim coach, Ms. Riley, had found this summer job for her as a lifeguard at the Spinnaker Yacht and Country Club swimming pool. Safety regulations required the Olympic sized pool have a lifeguard and Bridget was allowed to practice in it after it was closed for cleaning. She wanted to stay in shape for when she attended State U. in the fall on an Athletic scholarship.

"Here you go, catch!"

Bridget grabbed the thrown plastic bottle and was surprised when the girl scampered up the ladder and squeezed onto the seat with her. The warmth of her nearly naked body and the scent of sweat and sun tan oil was making Bridget's pulse race and her pussy wet.

"What's your name? I've never seen you here before."

"Uh ... Bridget ...should you be up here? I mean ..."

"Ah, don't worry about it. My dad and some other guys own this place. My names Cyndi, if anybody gives you static, tell 'em you know me. What'cha doin' for lunch?"

"I ... um ... usually grab a hot dog or somethin' at the concession stand."

"That's bullshit. Come over to the house, I'll get you some real food. Meet me at the gate after you shower off. I gotta go, bye."

Cyndi was down the ladder and strolling away before Bridget regained her composure. The girl was definitely coming on to her and it was both overwhelming and exciting. Bridget was no stranger to sex with other women after being seduced by her swim coach after evening practice and eaten to a series of powerful orgasms behind the locked door of Maddie's office. Maddie had taught her how to reciprocate in giving pleasure and they had sex as often as possible until Bridget had graduated and Maddie went with her husband to the mountains for the summer.

Bridget sipped her water and idly wondered how Maddie was doing and if she missed her.


The hot shower felt good as Bridget washed her short, curly hair, bleached almost white by the summer sun. She needed to hurry in order to meet Cyndi for lunch. She moved to turn off the water when bare arms encircled her waist and a slick, warm body pressed against her back.

"Mmmmm, I couldn't wait," Cyndi purred into Bridget's ear. Her hands moving upwards to cup the woman's smaller firm breasts purring "Ummm, I love these, they fit so perfectly in my hands. You turned me on the minute I saw you."

Bridget moaned as Cyndi's thumbs began flicking her stiff nipples "Ahhhh, that feels so good, baby. Do it more." Cyndi stepped back pulling Bridget with her until her shoulders were against the shower wall and dropped her right hand to Bridget's pubic mound. Bridget spread her legs and moaned more loudly as two of Cyndi's fingers entered her dripping pussy, found the spongy G-Spot and rubbed it hard.

"Nnngghh, yes, fuck me, make me cum," Bridget gasped; humping the probing fingers as Cyndi's other hand squeezed her breast and pinched the throbbing nipple. Cyndi's breath was hot on Bridget's neck as they writhed together and Cyndi rubbed her hot cunt against Bridget's ass cheek.

Bridget was going to pieces under Cyndi's touch. Gawd, she was good and seemed to know just what turned Bridget on. "Cum for me, baby," Cyndi growled in Bridget's ear, "Cum for your Cyndi." That did it. Bridget howled in ecstasy as her orgasm shook her so hard she saw stars. Cyndi hugged her tightly and fingered her into another mind blowing orgasm that left Bridget panting and shivering in her new lovers arms.

"Did you like that, baby?" Cyndi said, turning Bridget around and kissing her. Bridget nodded, too overwhelmed to speak. Maddie had never made her cum as explosively as Cyndi and, as she gazed into the girls beautiful brown eyes, she wanted with all her heart to return the favor. Kissing her new lover with renewed passion, she pressed her against the wall growling deep in her throat in a frenzy of lust.

Cyndi gasped in surprise as Bridget pinned her to the wall and forced her legs apart with her knee. Bridget's mouth fastened on Cyndi's neck where it met her shoulder and began sucking and nibbling as she trust three fingers into her lovers cunt and began frigging her wildly. It was if Bridget knew exactly what Cyndi wanted; to be fucked and bitten and abused until she exploded into a series of spine wrenching orgasms. "Ahhh, baybyyy, fuck me, fuck me," Cyndi moaned as Bridget's toned swimmers görükle escort bayan body twisted against her, her lover's hard nipples and firm breasts grinding into her own pillows of flesh. They began passionately kissing, sucking on lips, fucking the other's mouth with their tongue as Bridget's hand disappeared into Cyndi's hot cunt up to the wrist, fist fucking her as hard as she could. Cyndi was in heaven as she humped her lover's hand, driving it even deeper within her. She could feel a huge orgasm building, building, from deep inside as she was being royally fucked and then it was on her, shaking her body, turning her knees to jelly and she shrieked in release as Bridget continued fucking her until a second orgasm struck. She sunk to the floor, pulling her lover down with her. Bridget withdrew her hand from Cyndi's sopping pussy and they licked it clean.

"Oooh, excuse me."

Still tangled together, they looked up to see a wide-eyed woman looking at them, and then quickly walking away in search of another shower stall. Bridget and Cyndi looked at each other then began to giggle imagining what the woman must have thought seeing them wrapped around each other on the floor. Cyndi turned the shower on and they washed the sweat and cum from each other with gropes and more giggling.

Drying each other off with bath house towels and quickly dressing, Cyndi said "Let's go over to my house for lunch, okay?"

"Sure, I'd like that, just as long as I'm back for my mid-afternoon shift."

"No problem."

When they reached Cyndi's car in the parking lot, Bridget gave a low whistle when she saw the sleek, low slung convertible. It was painted a deep green with shiny wire spoke wheels and sported a light brown leather interior with bucket seats.

"What kind of car is this?" she asked as Cyndi helped her in, grabbing her ass as she did.

"It's one of Daddy's cars. He collects them. It's a 1963 Jaguar XK-5. Hang on, 'cause it goes like stink and I like driving fast."

Bridget had just buckled her seat belt and grabbed the bar set into the instrument panel when Cyndi started the engine with a roar and they tore out of the parking lot and down the road. Bridget could hardly catch her breath as Cyndi drove at breakneck speed along the winding road leading to her home. She handled the speeding car expertly, swooping around every curve, working the shifter, clutch and accelerator as if she was participating in a road rally.

They rounded a curve, and then darted through stone columned gates down a long driveway lined with oak trees. Soon, a sprawling hip roofed, ranch style house painted white, with green shutters at the windows came into view. They came to a screeching halt before an elevated front porch with square white columns and intricate wrought iron railings. Flowers of all shapes and colors were planted everywhere in stone bordered beds and the surrounding lawn was a deep emerald green.

"Wow, this is beautiful, Cyndi," Bridget said in awe as they climbed out of the car.

"Thanks, babe, c'mon in and I'll show you around."

Cyndi held Bridget's hand as they toured the tastefully finished house, Bridget keeping up a running commentary about each room until they entered Cyndi's bedroom where she led Bridget to a large four poster bed and they climbed onto the firm mattress.

"I thought we were having lunch," Bridget said, playfully.

"We are," Cyndi replied, "But first I want to see if you taste as good as you look."

Removing their clothing, they rolled about on the bed, kissing and caressing until Cyndi pinned Bridget on her back and began licking and sucking her firm breasts and stiff nipples.

"Mmmm, yeah, suck 'em, baby," Bridget moaned as Cyndi lavished attention on the firm mounds, then worked her way down Bridget's firm abdomen, swirled her tongue in the belly button, then down over the barely furred mons to the moist crevice below. Bridget whimpered in delight as Cyndi gave it several long, lingering licks before settling in to bring her lover to orgasm.

Cyndi's lips, tongue and fingers were driving Bridget wild as they danced in her soaked pussy. The sensations were making her head spin and she attempted to pull away, but was trapped against the headboard as she shuddered and moaned in ecstasy feeling her orgasm growing within her until she exploded with a piercing shriek of release. Cyndi was relentless, eating and fingering her to a second breathtaking orgasm that left her limp and gasping on the crumpled sheets.

"Ohhh, that was wonderful, you're wonderful," Bridget sighed as Cyndi snuggled next to her, grinning and caressing her lover's breast. "Now I want to please you."

"I have just the thing," Cyndi replied. Getting up, she went to a nearby bureau, took a dildo, harness and a bottle of lube from a drawer and bore them triumphantly back to the bed. "Ever used one of these?"

"No, but I'll sure try. This certainly is a big one," Bridget said, coating the jutting, anatomically correct phallus, bursa otele gelen escort "Doesn't this hurt when it's inside you?"

"A little at first, but it's a good hurt and then it feels wonderful. Here, let's get this on you, I want you to fuck me."

Bridget gasped as the stubby phallus mounted inside the harness slid into her pussy and the ridged pad above it rubbed her already swollen clit. Cyndi buckled the straps, drew them tightly, then leaned back to admire her handiwork. "Gawd, you look sexy with a dick," she murmured, then arranged herself on the bed where she knelt with her ass in the air and her head and shoulders on a pillow. "Stick it in, baby. Fuck me with your big, thick cock."

Shivering with excitement, Bridget knelt behind her, the false cock waving lazily before her. Cyndi's wet pussy was irresistible, so she licked and sucked it for several minutes to the accompaniment of her lover's sighs and moans. Then she placed the head between Cyndi's labial lips and pushed sending the silicone shaft deep inside. "Ahhh, Gawd, that's so fucking good," Cyndi cried, "Give it to me hard, baby. I want it all."

Bridget did as Cyndi asked, driving the phallus in until the harness slapped her lover's ass, withdrawing it until only the head was still in, then thrusting forward; slowly at first, then faster and faster as the pad and phallus in her harness stimulated her as well. She had never felt anything like this before; it was as if they were fucking each other and the sensations were mind blowing.

Grunting and moaning, Bridget gripped Cyndi's hips thrusting as hard as she could, filling the room with the sounds of leather slapping skin and the 'squish, squish, squish' of a pussy being royally fucked. Cyndi's cries of joy were almost continual, punctuated by her begging to be fucked harder, faster, deeper until ... "Ahhh, I'm cumminggg ... Yeeeeee!" she exploded in orgasm. Bridget was with her, right with her, howling as her own orgasm hit, shaking her body as she continued to fuck Cyndi until they both got off again and slumped to the tangled sheets, sweaty and panting.

"Ohhhh, that was intense," Bridget sighed, withdrawing the dildo from Cyndi's pussy with an audible 'slurp' that set them into a fit of giggling. Cyndi helped Bridget remove the harness with another 'slurp' as the shorter phallus slid out of her well fucked pussy causing more giggles.

"Now we'll have some lunch," Cyndi announced, "Let's wash off in the pool first."

"Oh shit! The pool! I need to get back for my afternoon shift," Bridget cried, "Mr. Dowd's gonna be so pissed at me."

"Don't worry about it; I'll take care of it. Jimmy won't mind, I'll see to that."

"You're sure? I don't want to lose my job."

"You won't, trust me. Jimmy owes me big time. He came over here one afternoon all upset about something at the club and wanted to see Daddy about it. He looked hot so I threw him a fuck and he went away happy."

"You fucked old Mr. Dowd? Ew!"

"Hey, old guys know what they're doing. He sure made me cum a few times."

"I guess you're right. Most guys I know just want to jump your bones and get their rocks off. That's why I prefer girls. They always make me cum."

"I like girls, too, but every once in a while I want some deep dickin' to get me right. Let's go swimmin'."


After much splashing, dunking and groping punctuated by squeals and laughter, the girls lay back on loungers by the pool to dry off in the noonday sun, then Cyndi shouted "Molly, we'll have lunch now."

"Be right there," a voice replied, sounding like someone's kindly old grandmother. A moment later a figure emerged from the house and approached carrying a tray laden with sandwiches and drinks. Bridget looked for something to cover herself, but Cyndi seemed unconcerned, so she relaxed. She was getting used to this casual nudity, besides Cyndi was mouthwatering to look at with her jutting breasts and round, firm buttocks.

When the figure drew nearer, it was indeed an elderly woman with rosy cheeks, a wrinkled face, plump figure and iron gray hair pulled back in a bun. She wore a gingham dress and a flower speckled white apron, carrying the heavily laden tray with surprising ease for someone her age. Then Bridget realized the woman wasn't walking, but floating just above the surface of the deck. How was she doing that?

'Grandma' stopped in front of them and said, "Lunch is served ladies." With that the tray sprouted legs and became a table which she placed between them and began pouring drinks. Bridget was so amazed by the woman floating she absentmindedly took a drink and a sandwich from the tray and said "Thank you" to 'Grandma'.

"You're quite welcome, young lady," was the reply, then "Will there be anything else Ms. Van Dyne?"

"Not right now," Cyndi replied, "Thanks, Molly." 'Grandma' smiled and glided back into the house.

"How does she do that?" Bridget said.

"Do what, serve us lunch?"

"No, bursa escort bayan you goon, float like that, that's weird."

"I know what you meant; I was just goofin' on ya. It's MAGLEV, the whole house is wired for it."


"Magnetic Levitation, reversing polarities by ... anyway, that's how she does it."

"Is she a robot?"

"Yep, the whole staff is. They roll on treads when they're outside the MAGLEV web. Daddy designed 'em. He calls 'em Simulacra since they're made up to look human; it freaks people out less when they see one."

"Did she call you Ms. Van Dyne?"

"That's my name."

"Is your dad Cornelius Van Dyne, the inventor?"

"The same."

"Holy crap! You're his daughter? He's beyond famous! He's a genius. I can't believe this."

"Believe it. Daddy's pretty smart all right. Mom is too. Her name is Cynthia. She's off somewhere doing something with Nuclear Fusion I think. She and Daddy keep in touch by VidPhone. He invented that too."

"Cyndi," said a voice out of nowhere, "Are you busy right now?"

"I'm having lunch with my lover, Daddy."

"Okay, when you have a minute, come down to the lab, I want to show you something."

"We'll be there in a few, Daddy."

"I'm your lover now?" Bridget said, raising an eyebrow.

"Sure, you okay with that?"

"Of course."

"Let's go see what Daddy's cooking up now," Cyndi said getting up and offering Bridget her hand which Bridget took and was pulled into an embrace with much kissing and fondling.

"Ummm ... don't you think we should see what your Dad's doing," Bridget panted as they rubbed their pussies together.

"I suppose," Cyndi sighed, "I can't keep my hands off you, baby."


When they stepped out of the elevator, Bridget was amazed to see a vast complex deep underground crammed with machinery, blinking lights, humming electrical devices and the tang of ozone in the air.

"Wow! This is amazing. How far are we underground?"

"About 46 meters, 150 feet, Daddy likes his privacy. This whole lab's encased in a 20 meter Titanium steel shell too. Daddy messes around with some powerful stuff down here and he wants to protect the area should something go wrong."

"Shouldn't we put something on, I mean, we're bare-assed."

"Nah, Mom and I walk around naked all the time; it's more comfortable, besides, Daddy doesn't pay any attention. He's always thinking about something."

"There you are Princess," Said a tall, gaunt man with a shock of iron gray hair and a face like an axe blade striding toward them. He was dressed in a colorfully stained lab coat, equally stained t-shirt and jeans, wearing sandals and no socks. He swept Cyndi up in his long arms, giving her a hug, set her down and then turned to Bridget offering his hand and saying "Welcome to our home, young lady, Cornelius Van Dyne at your service."

"Bridget ... Bridget McWilliams," she stammered, overwhelmed by the man's presence. "It's a pleasure, Mr. Van Dyne."

"Please, call me CV, everyone does. Now let me show you two what I've developed." He turned and strode off, the girls following. Bridget noticed the floor felt warm and soft under her bare feet, almost like human skin.

"I think this device will revolutionize the field of Molecular Modeling," CV said, placing his hand on an apparatus looking like a cross between a movie camera and a howitzer set in a swivel mount on a rhomboidal cabinet peppered with digital readouts, pushbuttons and a keyboard. He continued to explain the device as the girls listened politely, then looked at each other and shrugged, not understanding a single thing he was talking about.

"Now, if you young ladies will just stand over there," CV said, gesturing towards a dais backed by a panel of chromium steel, "I'll show you a model of your molecular structure etched in three dimensions on that steel plate."

Cyndi and Bridget took their places standing in front of the plate and waited while CV manipulated the controls, then said "Here we go," and pressed a button. A cone of purple light sprang from the machine enveloping the girls in a pulsing radiance. "Hee, it tickles," Bridget said.

Without warning there was a tooth jarring hum, a loud crackle, a piercing whine and the cone began chasing through the colors of the spectrum into the infrared faster and faster as the girls screamed in fear and pain unable to move.

CV attempted to turn the apparatus off, but a bolt of static electricity knocked him to the floor, unconscious. A moment later the machines wail went ultrasonic, a circuit breaker tripped from overload and it stopped abruptly, smoke and fumes emitting from various cooling vents. The girls collapsed in a heap and were still.

Various robots suddenly appeared from everywhere in the complex to render assistance, their chromium skins glittering in the lights. Acting swiftly, they bore the humans to the Infirmary, where their vital signs were checked and their bodies examined by other robots and found to be uninjured and merely unconscious. They were laid upon beds and allowed to awaken on their own. Bridget was first.

When her eyes fluttered open, she screamed at the sight of a featureless silver ovoid with a red cross on it's 'forehead' hovering over her. "Are you alright?" it said, "I am DocBot Marcus, at your service."
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