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Homecoming: The Artist

Post #1

Jerry had to shake his head and blink to convince himself it wasn?t just his imagination. Had he passed through a time warp?In the yard next door, a woman, stretched out on her back on a yoga mat, was reading a book. Her bikini left little untanned. The sun that had bronzed her skin had gilded the waves of hair that cascaded to her shoulders.Her full natural breasts were spread and separated somewhat, challenging the thin straps and tiny triangles of fabric to keep her legal. Below her slim torso, another triangle drew his eyes to her long, shapely legs.Mrs. Wilson looked as good as she did twenty years ago, he thought. Had his eyes, which had aged the same amount, changed his perception? Perhaps his experiences with women had altered his aesthetic values. Back then, he had jerked off watching her through his bedroom window on many occasions.When she had clothes on, she was mother to Laurie, a classmate but not a friend. A cheerleader, she didn?t socialize with chess club members like Jerry. She was pretty but had smiles only for the right people. It hadn?t stopped him from stroking himself when she would join her mom, albeit in a more modest one-piece suit. He would shift his gaze between them, but it would be Mrs. Wilson at the finish.One reason would be that her skimpy bottom would leak some pubic hair; a mere glimpse would send him over the edge. With fond memories, he fetched the binoculars from the closet and dared to use them. Cursing the current fashion of shaving or waxing, he could not see a trace of pubes. But then he discovered something.Neatly tattooed on her side above the waist was a tennis-ball-size face of a tiger, their school mascot?it was Laurie, not her mother! The cheerleaders all got the unauthorized tattoos. Although normally hidden, at parties they would tie their blouses to expose their midriffs and show them off.Jerry surveyed Laurie?s body through the binoculars. Genetics seemed to have made her a clone of her mother at this age, at least to the accuracy of his horny memory. He was about to stop when as if on cue, she rolled onto her stomach and even reached back to untie her top. With the thong bottom, this side of her was essentially naked. He paused to linger on the smooth globes of her ass.He decided to get a closer look. Stopping to piss and lose his hard-on, he boldly walked out the back door to go reintroduce himself.Just as he stepped onto their property, a voice called out, ?Is that you Jeremiah?? He hated his full name, recalling the teasing he got when teachers would use it. Since he left town, he was always ?Jerry?.His irritation evaporated when he turned and saw the source?Mrs. Wilson, dressed in a sleeveless top and shorts, beckoned to him. He lamented turning toward her only for a moment as he took in the older, but still sexy version of herself. Her legs were just as long and her skin was still smooth, a lighter tan probably due to less time in the sun. Instead of flowing locks, a stylish bob belied her age.?Are you here for the reunion?? she asked, then called to her daughter, ?Laurie, dear, Jerry is back, come and say hello!??Yeah,? he said. ?Also, my parents are on a cruise, so I?ll be here taking care of the dog until they get back.?He was sorry he missed watching Laurie walk over because up close, she was even hotter than through the binoculars.?Hi, Jer,? she said. ?I wondered if that was you. Haven?t seen you in years.??Hey, Laurie, I didn?t know you had a sister,? he teased with the old line. It made her mom laugh at the compliment and her sneer at the insult of being compared to each other, so he got both reactions he wanted.?I usually visit my parents at their place in Florida for Christmas, so I haven?t had a reason to come back here,? he explained. He was so glad when he got out of this suburb, that he hadn?t planned to return. He wouldn?t have bothered attending the reunion, except for the cruise. He suspected his parents had scheduled it just to have a reason for him to be in town.?Don?t you think you?ve had enough sun for one day?? the mother asked.?I guess,? the daughter sounded unhappy. She slowly walked to enter the house.?Why don?t you and Jerry have dinner tonight?? she suggested. ?You can try that new place. I have a coupon.??If it?s okay with him,? was Porno 64 Laurie?s unenthusiastic response between two sighs.Jerry, however, was thrilled. He hadn?t imagined she would be available or interested and magically he had a date with her. ?That would be great! Pick you up at seven??Laurie said nothing as she entered the house.?It will be good for her to get out of the house,? Mrs. Wilson spoke quietly. ?Since Greg broke their engagement, she moved back in here and just mopes around.?She rested her hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes. ?I know you aren?t planning to stay long, but it would be great if you could show her a good time. She needs to get back out there.?He could not believe that his adolescent fantasy was fixing him up with her bodacious daughter.Laurie came out when he drove up to the house. The summery peach spaghetti-strap dress was short and low-cut. He suspected her mother suggested the outfit.Sharing some wine at the restaurant, she brought him up to date on her two-and-a-half husbands. The third wedding was being planned when the groom bailed out.?With the reunion coming up, I think he decided he?d rather be single for it,? she said with bitterness. ?He?ll come crawling back after he sees the other options. He?s not going to find someone better than this.? She waved her hand down her body.?That?s for sure!? he agreed. ?When I saw you out there today, I just?,? he struggled to find a polite way to finish the sentence. ?Well, you were pretty in high school, but now you?re gorgeous!??Yeah, I remember you watching my mom and me,? she laughed.Jerry turned scarlet. They had known!?I never told her, but I saw you with the binoculars. I liked the idea of making the neighbor boy horny.? She emptied her glass, and he refilled it, almost knocking it over when she added, ?Did you jerk off to me??His unsuppressible reaction confirmed her suspicion. But he would never admit that it was her mother more than her that made him spurt on so many warm summer days.?Yeah,? he confessed. ?What was a virgin nerd to do???You?ve filled out nicely,? she said. ?I would never have dated you then, but I would now. At least, that?s what my mother hopes.??Well, if it will make your mother happy?,? he joked. ?Look, if you have better things to do, I?ll keep my distance. But I?m here for two weeks and don?t have any plans, so maybe we can find something fun to do together.??This may work out,? she gulped the last of her wine. ?You see, in a place like this, everyone knows about Greg and me and figures we?ll get back together, so no guy wants to waste their time on me. Maybe you and I can convince them I?m not waiting for him. Let?s go.?He flagged down the waitress and paid the check. When he rose and held her chair, Laurie stood, turned, and gave him a hug, tilting her head up for a kiss. It was deep and hot as she rubbed her body against him long enough to draw stares.?Just a show for the locals,? she whispered. ?Soon everyone will know.?He was self-conscious of his erection as they walked to the car with her hanging on him. When he held the door for her, she reached to squeeze the lump. ?I see I?ve started more than a rumor.?Before he could start the car, Laurie removed his uncertainty. ?I could use a good fuck. I haven?t had any in two months because of that asshole,? she griped. ?Take me to your place.?Jerry used the remote to open the door to the attached garage, but she opened the car door.?Park here, I want the neighborhood to see me going in,? she giggled. ?Especially my mom.?He turned off the car and she ran ahead to the door. As he fumbled for the key, she pressed her soft breasts against his back?more performance for the locals, he thought.He had been using his parents? king-size bed instead of the small single in his old room. Laurie wasted no time slipping out of her dress, then ducking into the bathroom. It gave him time to find his condoms and strip to his boxers.He couldn?t help staring at her full, perfect breasts, her nipples surrounded by a minimum of pale skin. Stepping out of her panties, she rolled onto the bed, showing off her shaved pussy.Jerry almost jumped out of his underwear to join her. As their tongues danced, he massaged those magnificent mounds while she Konulu Porno tugged his pole. She let him bury his face between them and suck on her nipples, but when he started to move lower, she interrupted.?Some other time I?ll be happy for you to lick me,? she said, ?but I?m plenty ready right now.? She moved his hand to her crotch and pressed his fingers into her slippery slit. ?I need a dick deep inside me.?He rolled away a bit to grab a condom. She got on her hands and knees on the bed. ?Get a condom for your thumb, too,? she said. ?I love one in my butt when I?m about to cum.?As he dressed his cock and readied an extra for his thumb, she added some instructions, ?No hair-pulling, no slapping.? He wouldn?t have dared unless requested anyhow.Kneeling behind her, he aimed between her thighs. She reached underneath and pointed him to the spot, pushing back with a sigh. He inched into her, letting her control his penetration. Her hips danced a bit then she settled into a rocking motion.His spread fingers gripped her tanned globes as he steadied himself and began fucking counterpoint to her movement. Seeing up close the blond head, the curve of her back, and the luscious butt that he had leered at through the binoculars that afternoon, he recalled his initial assumption that she was Mrs. Wilson. The impression that he was fucking the MILF of his teen years flashed through him like a bolt of lightning, and it was all he could do to resist exploding.Desperate, he grabbed Laurie?s hips and pulled her tightly against him, holding her still. Asserting himself, he slowly began to fuck her at his pace, keeping himself under control.?Yeah, as deep as you want,? she urged, misinterpreting his motives. ?I?m almost there.? She lowered her head and left shoulder to the bed, her left hand moving faster against her pussy.Jerry took the moment to fit the waiting condom onto his thumb. Looking down at her upturned ass, he teased her opening with it. She held herself still, surrendering to his thrusting.?Now,? she groaned. It took some pressure and wiggling to breach the pucker. As his fingers pressed into her left cheek, he corkscrewed her butthole with his thumb. The way Laurie?s body shook, he guessed it was good enough and he focused on pounding his dick into her.As the taste of orgasm rose in him, his mind recognized this body and that feeling from two decades ago. The imprint of those repeated moments reawoke a freshness and intensity of pleasure that overwhelmed him.He was hardly aware of Laurie?s moans and gyrations as she reached her peak. His hips drove with primitive fury as he erupted inside her. She had stopped moving before his frenzy subsided and he halted at his maximum depth.Shivers of delight echoed between them as Jerry stirred her sockets with both prongs. When they dissipated, he moved next to her and she rolled onto her side.First-time post-sex conversations were always awkward?if you say it was great it sounds like you?re fishing for compliments. But Jerry was feeling guilty. He could not banish her mother from his thoughts. Trying to rationalize his mental infidelity, he wondered whose cock and thumb she had been visualizing.?That was just what I needed,? sighed Laurie. Her turmoil, if any, had passed.?Better than I ever imagined,? Jerry let slip a truth. He didn?t mean to remind her, but he wasn?t telling her anything new.After a bit, she started looking for her clothes.?You?re welcome to stay,? he said hopefully.?Nah, I?m just next door, so not much of a walk of shame,? she chuckled.He walked her home and they kissed by her front door. It was dark, so no one was going to see them, but it was as warm and passionate as their earlier performance.After lunch the next day, Jerry texted her, ?Want to put on another show? Public or private or both?? He added what he thought were appropriate emojis.She called him immediately. ?Jerry, I had a great time last night, really, but?,? she started. His heart sank. ?The fact is that it worked! This is a small town. I?ve already heard from three guys, including Greg,? she laughed. ?I think I should focus on someone who will be here.??I have no complaints,? he reassured her. ?You know where to find me if you need me.?It took all his self-control Porno İndir not to add, ?Is your mother seeing anyone??The next two evenings, two different guys?neither Greg?picked her up, bringing her home well after midnight.Returning from the grocery store on Friday, Jerry?s phone sounded as he turned into his driveway. It was from the Wilsons? home phone. He hit the speaker button.?Jerry, would you want to come over for dinner tonight?? It was Mrs. Wilson?s voice. ?I?m in a little bit of a jam. I planned to make paella and got all the ingredients, but Laurie bailed on me. I could use some help making it and eating it before the seafood goes bad.?Jerry hadn?t made any plans yet and was strangely excited at the prospect of being alone with Mrs. Wilson. ?That sounds like fun,? he replied, shaking off the conceit and figuring it would be an early night. ?What time???The sooner you get here, the sooner you?ll eat,? she urged.He put away the groceries he bought and raided his parents? wine collection for something worthy of the fancy dish.?It?s your fault, really,? Mrs. Wilson chuckled when he arrived. ?You two made Greg so jealous, he?s determined to get Laurie back. She?ll probably spend the weekend letting him apologize and reminding him why he wanted to marry her in the first place, so I don?t think I?ll see much of her. I had planned this meal to cheer her up, but expected her to help make it.?She set him to work peeling and de-veining shrimp and cleaning and de-bearding mussels while she did other things. Spanish club music pulsed in the background and he smiled to see her quick-stepping and shimmying to the beat.?Are you trying to make me feel old? My name is Miriam!? she chided after the fourth time he called her ?Mrs. Wilson.??Okay, Miriam, how fine should I dice these?? It would take some effort for him to think of her as a peer.They drank some of the wine as they worked and she ended up talking about her divorce.?He dumped me for his secretary. She?s younger than Laurie!? She shook her head. ?I know after menopause I wasn?t into sex as much. It took more work to get me off. Of course, he slowed down, too, but he could just take a boner pill. She wanted a sugar daddy to buy her the things she couldn?t afford on her salary.?Jerry tried to be sympathetic, but he blushed at her frankness. ?We all get older, but I don?t know how he could walk away from a wife as vivacious and attractive as you are.? His eyes scanned her from behind as she worked at the counter. Her tennis outfit was more than a fashion statement; probably from her frequent games, her bare arms and legs were shapely and tanned and her round butt was firm under the short skirt.?It?s true, all the guys thought you were a MILF,? the wine helped loosen his lips more than he intended. ?Porn may call women in their late twenties MILFs. But for us, it meant being at least old enough to be one of our mothers. And you were definitely hot enough to inspire your share of wet dreams.?Back then, compared to the superficial budding femininity of girls like her daughter, she represented the complex full flower of womanhood, so mysterious to his eyes and imagination. Years later, Laurie had grown into the physicality of a woman; her eyes and demeanor made her transparently sexual. In contrast, her mature mother, despite crow?s feet, with a glance and a smile suggested hidden exquisite possibilities for those who earned her favor.It was her turn to blush. ?Well, I certainly noticed some of Laurie?s classmates staring.? She kindly didn?t mention Jerry by name. ?Sometimes I wondered if they knew I could see their erections,? she snickered. ?It was flattering in a way, but the age difference made it weird.??Well, that didn?t stop your husband,? he reminded her. ?I think it?s only fair for you to find a stud who doesn?t need to take a pill to make love to you.? Jerry was in dangerous territory, trying not to reveal that she was still a mother he would like to fuck.?You?re sweet,? she said, giving him a peck on the cheek as she turned to collect his vegetables.Over dinner, the conversation was about what he had been doing since he left town, as well as more details about Laurie.?I want to thank you for helping her out,? Miriam squeezed his hand. ?You helped me as well since I was at a loss about what to do. She was so unhappy, and my social life suffered with her here moping around all the time. If she can get back on track and marry Greg and move out of the house, I?ll be able to get my friends to come over to play bridge again!?
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