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Galactic Vendetta chapter 06

Post #1

Warning to readers this story features dark themes including rape, slavery, and murder. If you don't like stories with these leave now.

All sexually active characters are over 18.

Galactic Vendetta part 06

Hunting the viper's den and finding Jade.

Anderson had just, got back from a meeting with the admiral. It was mostly, to go over the next mission into Confederation space. They wanted, them to be on the lookout the secret shipyard they believed the Confederation was constructing new warships at.

The admiral told him, that they had no intelligence as to it's location or even of it's existence save for the freighter they had captured. He couldn't even, tell him how they were supposed to find the thing. As he got out of the flyer, he thought Ericson isn't going to like this.

Ericson had other, things on his mind at the moment. Particularly the redheaded slave bent over the table in front of him. Andrea had been, quite insistent that he fuck her in the ass. So here he stood, pounding away as Anderson entered the penthouse.

Anderson had become accustomed, to seeing the two of them going at it since he was teamed with Ericson. He couldn't take his eyes off, of them as Ericson and Andrea went at it in front of him.

Ericson had a hold, of his slave's hips as his cock pounded away on her ass hole. Andrea was breathing, heavier and heavier with each thrust of her master's cock. Her breathing quickened, as he picked up his pace.

Finally after what seemed, like hours they cried out as they simultaneously reached climax.Ericson was fighting, to catch his breath as Andrea collapsed onto the table. As she fell limp, Ericson's dick came free from her sphincter.

Andrea feeling him pull out of her, moved from the table and onto her knees in front of him. She then, began to lick her master's dick clean. As Andrea handled her task, Ericson looked over and saw Anderson watching.

In that moment, he made a decision regarding a question that had been bothering him. As Andrea, slipped his freshly cleaned cock back into his pants he asked, the question of Anderson.

"James, do you want to use her?"

Anderson was shocked, that he would share his slave with him. He didn't know that it had been, Andrea that had been asking to be shared. Anderson didn't have time, to think about it as Andrea had crawled over to him and started begging him to fuck her.

Anderson looked down at the pleading slave, kneeling at his feet and had to admire her beauty . Her long red hair, tied in pigtails. The neatly trimmed triangle, of red pubic hair of above her wet pussy. Her eyes were, what captured his attention the most though.

They were an indescribable, shade of blue that tugged at his hart. However there was something else, he saw in them. A deep sadness that seemed, to stretch into her soul.

He had, never asked about what her story was. This was mostly out of the fear, he wouldn't like the answers. After all Ericson, was a mercenary and pirate but he also had never mistreated her that he had seen.

He wondered how, she became a slave in the first place. Then again, he may not like the answer if he found out. He was about to decline, when she opened the fly on his pants and pulled out his cock.

Before he could stop her, she had his cock in her mouth. As her head bobbed up and down on his shaft, any thoughts of refusing were forgotten. As she began working her tongue, along the underside of his shaft a shudder went through his body.

When she took him into her throat, the only thing he could think about was what she was doing. She soon pulled off of his cock, completely and began to lick along the shaft and tip before taking him back in.

Just as he began, to feel his orgasm building she stopped. Before he could ask her what she was doing, she grabbed his hand and lead him to the table. As she laid on her back, with her spread legs hanging off of the table her intentions became crystal clear.

There was no mistaking what she wanted, when she began rubbing her wet pussy. As she opened her pussy lips with her fingers, Anderson lined himself up. As she felt him slip inside her tight pussy, she let out a deep breath.

As he worked his way out, she would take a sharp intake of air. Her Inhaling and exhaling soon sped, to match his thrusts as he increased his pace until she was almost hyperventilating. However, her hyperventilating soon turned into moaning.

While Andrea kept James occupied, Ericson grabbed the mission data and headed down to review it. As the elevator doors closed, he heard Andrea cry out in orgasm. As he descended into the ship, he had a good idea what the admiral wanted them to do.

The only problem was, how was he to find the thing and once he found it he knew he would have to scout the the shipyard for him as well. That was the part, that could get very dangerous very fast.

A week later, Ericson lifted the Independence and headed out of the atmosphere. They had a partial plan, on how to proceed but neither of them were sure if it would work. The biggest worry of Ericson, was the unknowns they faced. While they didn't have the freighter's destination, they did know where it originated and that was a start.

A little over a month later, they arrived at the port to deliver a cargo. Ericson had originally planned, to sneak in using the cloaks but that also meant revealing his personal cloak to Anderson. Instead, they would use basic deception.

It had been about a hour, since they unloaded their cargo and while James lead a naked Andrea through the port shopping Ericson was secretly accessing the port's comps. Here he ran into the first problem, with their plan. As the military and civilian shipping schedules, were kept on separate comps.

From here, he could only access the civilian comp. To get into the military systems, he would have to sneak into the military side of the port. However, if he was away from the others to long he risked detection.

Still he figured it wouldn't hurt, if downloaded the data anyway thinking that it could be useful somehow. If anything, they could spot ships they could capture if they couldn't get a lead. As he logged out of the system, he was figuring how to get access to the military systems.

As he rejoined the others, he had another problem to handle. A merchant was hassling James, about selling him Andrea. Thankfully, this was easily taken care of.

As he approached, Ericson asked how much he was offering for her. As he suspected, the uptight merchant got in his face about intruding on a private conversation. Ericson simply, grabbed Andrea's leash and as he lead her and James away said.

"If that's your attitude, then my slave's not for sale."

Both, James and Ericson had to fight to keep straight faces as they walked away from the slack jawed merchant. They both wondered, how long he ended up standing there with that stupid look on his face. Ericson decided, that they best head back to the ship for now just in case the merchant tried to start something.

The Independence şişli bayan escort was currently, sitting cloaked in hyperspace next to the port's beacon. Getting the data, had proven harder then Ericson had thought. Gaining access, to the base wasn't the problem. The real problem, was as he was headed back to the ship he noticed he was being followed.

He silently, cursed to himself when he realized it was a Judas shadowing him. Knowing he wouldn't be able to loose him, Ericson made a decision. Ducking into a blind alley, he waited for his shadow.

A feel minutes later, he left the body of his pursuer behind as he headed towards the ship. He hoped, they would be safely in hyperspace before the body was discovered. The next problem, he faced was getting back to the Independence before she took off without him.

As he climbed into the airlock, as she took off he thanked god Anderson had delayed as long as possible. Now as he sat reviewing the shipping schedules he hoped, to find a lead. Unfortunately, he only saw shipments headed to known ports.

With this mission turning into a bust, Ericson noticed that the system's councilman was making an inspection tour. As he saw this information, a plan began to form. One that would be as risky ,as it was dangerous but it was all they had at the moment.

Tia Akira was currently cowering, on the floor as her father beat her with his belt. Part of her, had been expecting him to do this a long time ago. Now she was proved right, as he repeatedly whipped her naked body.

She remembered, calling him every name she could think of as he ripped her clothes off and placed the slave collar around her neck. What followed was, him taking the belt off and beginning the beating. As the blows began to die off, she knew what was next.

As she was tied, spread eagle on the bed she prepared herself for what was coming. She struggled with her bounds, as she watched him strip. As he climbed on top of her, a shiver of disgust went through her body.

A scream was forced from her lips, as he grabbed her hair and made her look him in the eyes as he took her virginity. As she looked into the eyes, of the monster that her father had become she silently wished for death. As the pulse, went through her body and she fell unconscious she believed her prayers have been answered.

Ericson was rushing through the councilman's cruiser, making sure everyone was unconscious. As he passed the crew laying on the deck he would use the inhibitor on them. As he made his way, through the ship he wondered what he would do with the councilman.

Part of him wanted, to throw him out of the nearest airlock but he knew that Anderson wouldn't allow it. As he reached engineering, he still didn't have a answer. As he began locking down the ship's systems, he decided to let him live for now.

Once he had secured engineering, he met Anderson outside the Councilman's quarters. As they entered, they saw him laying on an unconscious slave tied to the bed. As they pulled him off of her, they saw she had been beaten badly.

As they both knew, what would happen to her if they left her with the crew and the councilman. As Ericson untied her, he asked Anderson to take her to his quarters. As James carried her off, Ericson got to work dealing with the crew.

He loaded, all the officers and most of the crew into the lifeboats. Before kicking them free, he placed a message in saying the rest of the crew are taking the ship and headed for the Empire. Those crew members, he placed in stasis tubes along with the councilman. If he could successfully play this off, as a mutiny it wouldn't alert the Confederation to their search.

With the crew taken care of, they headed clear of the area before the ship was missed. Jumping back to hyperspace, they headed to the nearest unoccupied system to avoid detection. As they changed course Ericson went to work on the ship's comps, as he wondered what to do with the slave.

Tia woke screaming, she had a nightmare that her father had beat and enslaved her. As she the fog of sleep left her, she felt the pain radiating throughout her body. As she felt the cold steel, around her neck she realized it wasn't a dream.

Looking around, she saw she was in a room that she didn't recognize. This was when, she saw the slave watching over her. This caused more confusion, as she was supposed to be the only female on the ship. As she got a better look at her, she was shocked by who she was.

Andrea had been, placing a cold cloth on the slave's face when she started screaming. Her left eye, was swollen shut and her face was heavily bruised. On top of that, her body was covered in welts where she had been whipped with a belt.

As she told her, to try and stay calm she placed the cold fabric on her bruised face. Watching as she winced from the pain, her tears began to fall down her face. Seeing this, Andrea told her she was safe master wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Ericson was pissed, as he read the ship's log. It turned out the slave they found, was the councilman's own daughter. As he read more, he could barely contain his anger.

It said she had made public statements, criticizing her father's and the Confederations' actions. In response, he registered her as a slave and announced her sale to a brothel. As he read this it, took every ounce of willpower he had to stop himself from killing the bastard.

As he pushed his anger aside, he focused on the mission. He can do something, about that piece of scum later. Right now, he had a job to do.

" If the shipyard, was in the councilman's sector he would have a record of it somewhere in his files. It just, was going to take some time to find it is all."

He said to himself, as he pulled up the councilman's files looking for anything that even suggested a secret program. As he scanned the files, he began seeing little things jump out at him but nothing that said here it is sadly. He did see a bunch of orders, involving a plant near the port they were just at.

Tia was scared beyond belief, since she recognized Cassandra bourgeois as the woman caring for her. This was one of the cruellest people, she had ever had the misfortune of meeting. However, the only thing she had done so far is show her kindness as she treated her bruises. Already, she could see out of her left eye but she still had to be on guard around her.

She was surprised, to see the slave collar on her neck. She was equally surprised, to see that she had been branded. As the woman she always thought as a bitch, cared for her she wondered if she was dreaming.

However, every time she felt the pain from her own brand she put that thought aside. She also wondered, about this master she mentioned. Who, was he and what was he going to do to her?

She got her answers, about most of her questions as the weeks passed. She learned that, Cassandra was now called Andrea and really was a slave. Her master, was a man named John Ericson but she suspected that wasn't his real name. He also, had a partner named James Anderson.

They şişli escort told her, her father was gone now and they would take care of her now. She knew, once she was branded that she was a slave for life and going to be at the mercy of whoever owned her. As she saw this as the best she could hope for, she decided to submit to these men and hope for the best.

After she swore herself to them, Ericson gave her the name of Jade. He then ordered Andrea, to prepare her for him. Part of her was worried, about what was coming as Andrea washed her. As she put her long hair, into a ponytail her fear hadn't left her.

Her expectations of what was next, went out the window when Andrea laid her down and began to eat her pussy. As the woman she had despised, for so long gave her such pleasure she finally began to accepte her new life.

Ericson had accepted, when they first found her that he would end up keeping Jade. This was made clear, when Anderson stated that he couldn't and wouldn't own a slave. Now she had given herself, willingly to him to use her as he wished.

Now here he stood, in the doorway of his quarters watching her and Andrea in an sixty nine. The sight of the two slaves, licking each other's pussies was something he had never seen before. As he savored the sight, of the two of them moaning as they pleasured each other part of him vowed this wouldn't be the last time he saw this.

Jade was experiencing sinsations, she never dreamed of as Andrea drove her to orgasm. After she gave her, a second one she had to give back. As Andrea climbed on top of her, she expressed her doubts about reciprocating what she had just received but with Andrea's help her doubts were left to side.

She had just given Andrea a orgasm, when she heard the door open. She, couldn't see around Andrea but she knew that their master was watching them make love to each other. Seeing that having a audience, didn't bother Andrea as she devoured her pussy made Jade decide to delve back into the wet folds on top of her face.

As Ericson watched them going at it, he began taking off his clothes. He had just, hung up his weapons belt as Jade cried from another orgasm. As her climax abated, he watched Andrea turn and kiss her. As they shared, the embrace he climbed into bed with them.

As he moved beside Jade, Andrea moved off of her. As she moved, he kissed Jade with just as much passion as Andrea had just shown her. As he tasted, Andrea's juices on her lips he broke the kiss and looked Jade in the eyes.

As he stared into her soul, he saw no doubts or regrets. What he saw was, a feeling of longing hidden behind her lust. Seeing this, he climbed on top of her and lined himself up.

As he thrust into her, Jade felt herself expanding to accommodate him. As he settled fully inside of her, Jade let out the breath she had been holding. This was different, from what her father had done.

He had violently, ripped her innocence from her as he took her. Her master and Andrea, showed her such kindness and gentleness as they made love to her. As his member moved inside of her, she felt a bond form that couldn't be described.

His movements began to quicken, as they began to kiss again. As the kissing intensified, her legs locked around his hips driving him deeper inside of her. The kiss was broken, as she did this. Her hips began lifting, to match his thrusts as her moans filled the room.

Soon though, she was crying out as her juices sprayed from her as she reached climax. As her pussy tightened around, his cock Ericson was pushed over the edge himself. As his cum leaked, from her pussy he rolled off of her.

As they recovered, from their orgasms they began kissing again. However, after all Jade had been through that night she soon passed out. As she drifted off to sleep, she felt her master pull himself tightly to her back.

Ericson woke, the next morning spooned behind Jade. He soon felt Andrea's breasts, pressing into his back as she held him tightly. Both of the girls, woke as they felt him moving.

Andrea responded by tightening her hold on him, while Jade pressed herself back against him. As her ass rubbed against his cock, he began to feel himself hardening. Jade also, felt his hardening dick pressing against her ass and began to turn around to lock lips with him.

As they kissed, Andrea moved behind Jade. Jade felt, her fellow slave pressing up against her back. As she broke, the kiss and turned to face her Andrea kissed her.

As they embraced, Ericson pressed himself tighter against jade. As soon as their lips separated, Andrea reached over Jade and began an embrace with her master.

As their lips parted, Jade pulled her fellow slave into an embrace. As he watched them kiss, Ericson began running his hands over their thighs. As the two finally separated, they turned to their master.

Jade could still feel, his erection pressing against her and knew that it needed taken care of. She had been fearing this part, of her duties but figured it would be best if it was handled earlier rather then later. Rolling, on to her stomach and raising her hips up.

As she presented her ass to him, Ericson was well aware of what she wanted him to do. Before he could say any thing, Andrea got out of bed and grabbed a bottle of lube. As Andrea went to work, lubricating Jade's rectum Ericson bent down and looked Jade in the eyes.

As he stared her in the eyes, he asked if she was sure about what she wanted. She nodded her head rapidly, as he moved behind her. As she felt him, began lining up his cock she drew in a sharp breath.

She sucked in another, as she felt him began to press against her virgin ass hole. As he slowly penetrated her tight nether orifice, a squeal escaped her lips as the tip squeezed past her sphincter. Her face contorted from the pain, as he moved deeper into her bowels.

As he finally bottomed out, he held still as he waited for her to relax. As Jade became accustomed to the intrusion, her breathing returned to normal. As she adjusted to the sensations, coursing through her body Jade began to rock her hips.

As her body slowly began moving along the shaft impaling her, she became aware of a new sensation.Andrea seeing that Jade was beginning to calm down, decided that she should help this be more pleasurable for her. Andrea, then crawled between her master's legs and began to lick Jade's pussy.

Noticing Andrea's intentions, Ericson grabbed a hold of Jade's hips and held her still to allow Andrea easier access to her pussy. This didn't mean, that Ericson was being left out. As Andrea ate her out, he began to slowly work his cock within Jade's ass hole.

Moans began to fill the room, as Ericson's pace began to quicken. Jade was soon overwhelmed, by the dual assault she was receiving. As she cried out in orgasm, she sprayed her juices into Andrea's waiting mouth.

This caused Ericson to fill Jade's bowels, with his cum. As their orgasms subsided, Andrea moved from under them as they collapsed on top of each other. Soon though she was between their legs again, only mecidiyeköy escort now she was licking up the cum that was leaking around her master's cock.

The sensation of her licking his balls, brought Ericson around. As he pulled from Jade's ass he watched, Andrea move to began sucking his seed from her bowels. He shifted positions, so he could kiss a dazed Jade.

As she began, to regain her senses she reciprocated that kiss. As her tongue caressed her master's, she let go of her former self. She was no longer Tia the councilman's daughter, now she was Jade the pleasure slave.

Ericson was back at his comp, looking over the records from the port again. As the girls washed him after their love making, he had an idea. If they had built the shipyard, then they must of shipped in construction equipment and there may be a record of it.

As he scanned over the data, he saw shipments of mining equipment headed to a abandoned natural resources colony seized during the war. This struck a nerve within him, because the Confederation had massacred all the colonist. He then, pulled up the records of the colony and saw that it was producing all of the ores necessary for ship construction.

After he compared the seized freighter's data, he was certain this was the location. As he prepared a coded transmission, he began planning how to scout the location. Passive scans, would show if there was any activity but he would need to get into the colony to be certain.

He sent his report including all the port data, the information from the councilman's records, and his theory about the colony. As he waited for the admiral's reply, he went to tell Anderson of what he found. As he approached the galley, he heard Andrea moaning.

As he entered, he saw Andrea bent over a table with Anderson driving into her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Looking around the room, he saw Jade fingering herself as she watched her fellow slave's fucking. He moved towards Jade, as he entered the room.

After he reached her, he pulled her up and lead her to the table. As he laid her on the table next to Andrea, he pulled out his cock. As Jade Spread her legs, Ericson slipped his dick into her wet pussy.

As he slowly began to work his cock within her, Jade pulled him down so she could kiss him. Their kissing grew in intensity, as his pace increased. Soon the ferocity of his trusts, required they brake the embrace.

Ericson's attention was turned to Andrea, as she began begging to be allowed to cum. Before he knew it, she was joined by Jade as she also pleaded for permission to have a orgasm. The sight of the two slave's, simultaneous climaxes proved too much for both men as they shot there loads shortly after.

As the slaves dropped to their knees and began licking their cocks clean, Ericson told Anderson that he needed to discuss something with him in private. As the girls placed their cleaned cocks, back in their pants they excused themselves.

As they left the room, Ericson watched the girls fall into an sixty nine as they sucked the semen from each other's pussies. Part of him, wished he could sit and watch them. But he knew if he did, he would end up fucking them again and he had to much to do right now.

A week later they entered the debris field, that was once the colony. They had hidden the cruiser inside a massive cavern, they had found in an asteroid. As they saw what was left of the colony, they were shocked by the destruction.

The cylinder, that composed the main body of the colony was broken in two pieces. The largest of the two, was still attached to the asteroid they were mining with scattered debris drifting all around it. As they saw all the debris, Ericson began to have doubts about this being the location.

However as they carefully maneuvered closer, they began to pick up energy readings from within the asteroid. Unfortunately due to the debris, they couldn't get any closer. As they moves back outside of the wreckage, they began looking for another way in.

The first thing they, had to do is map the debris. If they were getting shipments, then there had to be a clear path. Add in the fact they had to be able, to get the ships out as well.

Even with the energy readings, they both had their doubts. Even so, they were there now and needed to either verify or eliminate this as a possibility. As they circled the colonies remains, they looked for a path through the wreckage. Finally, they were able to find a path into the remains of the colony itself.

As they maneuvered inside of the cylinder, that once was the home of thousands of people the true nature of the devastation became visible. As they entered the remains, they began to see the bodies of the colonists.

Ericson's anger begin to rise, when they saw the body of a child float by. As he fought to control his rage, he saw the horror on Anderson's face. Ericson knew his partner, had never been exposed to war before let alone the targeting of civilians on this scale.

"We need, to get this done. Just focus, on the instruments." Ericson said to his partner, as they headed deeper into the colony.

As they finally landed the ship, against the inner colony bulkhead Ericson left Anderson at the controls so he could scout the inner passages. As Ericson exited the airlock, in a envrosiut he wasn't looking forward to what he would see. As he entered the passages, he prayed this wasn't a wild goose chase.

Almost two hours later, as he stripped out of the suit he explained to Anderson what he saw. He had made his way down, one of the old lift shafts and into an abandoned control room. As he looked out the shattered windows, he saw the shipyard. He said how he saw, seven or eight ships in the early stages of construction.

There were a mix, of destroyers and cruisers with either two battleships or battle cruisers. The lot looked to be bare hulls, without engines and weapons. He didn't see any workers, so he suspected it was completely automated.

This was backed up by the video, Ericson had shot during his reconnaissance. As they made their way out of the colony, they wondered what the Alliance would do with this information. What concerned Ericson, was they would probably ask him to go in again.

As they jumped to hyperspace, he made plans to come back and destroy that place. The fact that they were making the very same weapons, used to massacre his people at the site of one of those very same massacres angered him deeply. He had a good idea on how, he could take it out but he needed the admiral's approval.

To his aggravation, the admiral turned down his request and ordered them to resume raiding shipments. As he calmed down, he understood why but he still wasn't happy about it. If not for the slaves calming influence, he would of done it anyway.

A little over month later, they were back home on Hendricks. They had taken, four freighters and turned the councilman's cruiser over to the admiral. Ericson had also, arranged for the crew to be taken to the Empire.

The councilman on the other hand, went to a secret alliance facility to be questioned. Ericson knew that the bastard, wouldn't leave the facility alive. This brought him some solace, as he stared out over the lake.
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